Are you a camping enthusiast who wants a more refined camping experience? Are you tired of having to carry and refill your esky with ice?

Investing in a portable fridge is the key to overcoming your camping woes. Unfortunately, the overwhelming variety of fridges to choose from can be a real headache. 

In this guide, we’ve compiled portable fridge reviews to help you find the best portable camping fridges on the market. Buckle up, because you are about to be introduced to new gear that will change your camping trip for the better!

Our Top Picks

Best Medium Size
Dometic Waeco CFX-35 W 36L
Dometic Waeco CFX-35 W 36L

Medium size dual zone fridge-freezer that is heavy duty yet lightweight and weatherproof. It is controllable via smartphones and has interior LED lights, Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB outlet. 

Solo or duo campers looking to travel in places with harsh climate and geography.

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Best Tri Voltage
Engel MT-V60F 60L Fridge / Freezer
Engel MT-V60F 60L Fridge / Freezer

Spacious single zone tri-voltage fridge with dual side-opening lids and special features like USB port, interior LED lights, and digital control panel.

Professional or veteran campers looking for durable and high functioning fridge freezers for long trips. 

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EvaKool TMDZ60 Travel Mate Fridge
EvaKool TMDZ60 Travel Mate Fridge

Noise-free dual zone camping fridge/freezer with removable lids and baskets, and other features such as USB port, interior LED lights, WiFi, Bluetooth, digital.

Group campers looking for a versatile and large camping fridge/freezer with long battery life, versatile functions and 

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Best Flexible Size
Bushman Original 35-52L
Bushman Original 35-52L

Extendable single zone fridge/freezer with extension collars to make its size flexible. It consumes low power despite its LCD control screen, and digital control. It also comes with removable baskets. 

Campers looking for a very portable fridge with adjustable size and suits the Australian climate. 

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Buyer’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Fridges

Buying a portable fridge can be difficult – there is no right option for everyone! The best choice for you will depend on your needs, type of camping trip, and allowable budget. In this guide, we’ve compiled the top 10 camping fridges on the market, each with different sizes, power supply, capacity, material, insulation, special features and prices. 

It is important to have your own list of criteria to take in consideration before buying a camping fridge. The first step is identifying what you want and do not want for your camping fridge – this will help narrow down your options and help you find the appropriate fridge for your intended use. 

Confused? Don’t worry, read on for our in-depth camping fridge-freezers reviews to help you find the best portable fridge for your camping trips. 


Keep in mind that there are four major types of camping fridge freezers: single zone, dual zone, drawer and 3-way camping fridge.

  • Single Zone – Also known as chest fridge, if you are looking for a simple, cheap and compact alternative that is similar to an esky yet runs on electricity, a chest fridge is the way to go. It is the most common type of fridge and you can only use it as a stand alone fridge or freezer.
  • Dual Zone Fridge – A dual zone is a fridge freezer combination, one that can be used both as a fridge and a camping freezer. It does this thanks to having compartments that have different temperatures to house chilled and frozen goods simultaneously. However, the space is limited because of the divide so people often opt for a bigger yet more expensive fridge freezer size.
  • Drawer Fridge – This is the perfect fridge for those going camping who need to pile up things on top of each other due to limited space. It’s also good for people who hate digging through the bottom of the fridge. It’s like a normal drawer, but instead of opening it from the top, you can easily pull it as long as there is adequate space in front. This is good for those who like to keep their fridge organized and it can be seen installed in camping or travel vans.
  • 3-Way Fridge – Also known as an absorption fridge, it is powered either by electricity or LPG gas, though it is worth mentioning that you will be able to save more if you use gas because it lasts longer unlike a 12/24 volt that only runs for at least 7 hours. On the downside, it takes 3-8 hours to get cold so a gas camping fridge is not fit for emergency use. 

Price and Warranty 

As much as they are useful, camping fridges are expensive investments. They usually range from $800-$2500 so it is important to choose a camping fridge that fits your budget. Given how expensive they can be, it’s usually a good idea to invest in a safety net through warranties. All brands have warranties and the duration typically varies from one to three years for the fridge alone. Since a compressor is necessary to keep a fridge cool, they also come with extra warranty so make sure to pay extra attention to make sure that the price warrants the terms and that the brand upholds the warranty agreement. To save you the trouble, we already looked for trustable brands who hold to their end of the agreement – every brand in this guide has been shown to uphold warranty agreements.

Weight and Capacity

When buying a camping fridge, you have to decide how portable you want it to be based on your needed size and capacity. Remember that fridges are heavy when they’re completely empty, without even considering whatever you’re going to stash inside them.

A camping fridge in Australia is usually measured in litres, the smallest being 15 litres up to 100 plus litres. For your reference, a 15L-25L is a small size camping fridge, highly portable for a night-long solo or duo trip. 30L-40L is good for a weekend getaway for two, while a 50L-60L is for a large group or family weekend trip, but it would also suffice for a week-long trip for 1-2 people. 70L-80L are extremely bulky fridge-freezers that could provide enough food shelter for a regular-sized family’s week-long travels. In case you need something bigger — like a 100L fridge for a month-long use. 

Power Source and Power Consumption

Portable camping fridges typically use DC power but more advanced ones can run off both DC and AC power, the former with 12/24V and the latter with 24V which means you can use it with a battery or plug it into a socket. When buying a fridge, you should also look at its current draw to ensure that it compliments your battery’s maximum output, otherwise, it will short circuit. If you are traveling far and for a long time, it is best to look for camping fridges that have low power consumption and utilizes three stage battery protection, which can typically be found in a dual fridge that is more demanding of power.

A camping fridge’s power consumption is based on many factors but mostly: how long you turn it on, how often you open it, temperature, fridge size and compressor. When buying fridge batteries, make sure to look at the power consumption then multiply it to the amount of hours you expect your fridge to run. Camping fridges usually have a power consumption of ~0.8Ah/h, so if for example you’re going on an overnight trip, multiply it to 24 hours, the result would be the battery capacity you would need, though you may opt to get a larger battery capacity for longevity. If your fridge is indicated to have a 12V battery, then you can rely on it to last for 12-24 hours. If you are camping off the grid, a fridge with a dual battery system will be helpful to ensure that it stays on even if one battery goes down. 

Material and Brand

A camping fridge will be brought outdoors, exposed to different climates, cold air and direct sunlight so it must be of the best quality and made from good materials that will keep what is inside it safe, rain or shine. The best portable fridge/freezer is made of polypropylene which is ideal because plastics are cheap and good insulators, however, it is fragile which is why some brands opt to use stainless steel and fiberglass to make it more durable. Consequently, it becomes heavier, more expensive and prone to scratches.

Temperature Range Settings

Your refrigerator should have a temperature range of 2 degrees Celsius to 10 degrees Celsius for normal refrigerator or cooling purposes but if it is to be used as a freezer, the appropriate temperature is -18 degrees Celsius or lower. A fridge with good material means good insulation and an efficient compressor. Keep in mind though, that some fridges struggle to reach your desired temperature especially when the weather is hot, so make sure to look for fridges with good insulation and temperature control. 

Special Features

If you have the budget to spare and want to have some extra fun with your fridge, or maybe you are on a more demanding side, you can go for fridges with extra features such as USB port to charge your devices, and Bluetooth to easily monitor the temperature and electricity from the convenience of your smartphone. It is also helpful to have an outside LED display that indicates the temperature. For easy access, there are also fridge freezers with internal light and installed kitchen tools such as lid openers, removable baskets, wheels for easy carry, and drain plugs for quick cleaning. 

Some more advanced fridges have quieter engines to keep the noise to a minimum especially at night when everyone is off to sleep. 

Buying Tip: Not all brands explicitly mention their fridge’s tilt angle but you can check the manual for it! Since camping could get bumpy, your fridge might automatically switch off when tilted heavily. If you’re going up a hill, check the maximum tilt allowance for safety measures. 

These characteristics are not necessary but it will definitely make your camping experience more convenient. 

Now that we have settled the criteria, below are the top 10 best portable camping fridge/freezer, Australia-wide!

Top 10 Best Portable Fridges In Australia

1. Dometic Waeco CFX-35 W

waeco 36l fridge

Type: Dual Fridge

Price and Warranty: $999, 3 years (unit), 5 years (compressor parts)

Weight and Capacity: 16.9kg, 36 L

Power Source and Consumption: 12 V DC – 24 V DC or 100 V AC – 240 V AC, ~0.98Ah/h

Brand and Material: Dometic, Polyurethane insulation, aluminum alloy

Temperature Range Settings: 10°C to -22°C (@16°C to 43°C ambient temp)

Special Features: Internal LED, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB outlet, Weatherproof interface, 3-Stage Battery Protection, 3-6 degrees tilt angle

WHAT TO LIKE: Can be controlled and monitored using your smartphone, 

WHAT TO DISLIKE: Expensive for a small size

The dual zone camping fridge, Dometic CFX3 35 Portable Fridge/Freezer – 36L is the culmination of over 50 years of experience, feedback, and expertise in cooling system design and manufacturing of Dometic. It is the smallest of the range, making it ideal for small camping trips or a weekend four-wheel driving through the Australian Outback. With the powerful and efficient VMSO3 compressor cooling technology, this unit refrigerates and deep-freezes items for as low as -22 °C, while consuming less power than a 60 W lightbulb. In addition, by connecting the fridge to your mobile device, the user can monitor, control, and track the temperature history and energy consumption. Its heavy-duty and lightweight ExoFrame construction and aluminum alloy handle ensure its durability in the face of harsh conditions.

2. Engel MT-V60F

Engel MT-V60F 60L

Type: Single Zone Fridge 

Price and Warranty: $1,667, 3 years (fridge) 5 years (compressor)

Weight and Capacity: 33 kg, 60 L

Power Source and Consumption: 12 V DC – 24 V DC or 240 V AC and 0.5 Ah – 4.2 Ah

Brand and Material: Engel, Cyclopentane (insulation), rugged steel casing (fridge), steel (handles)

Temperature Range Settings: ~-18°C

Special Features: Digital control panel, Tri Voltage, Internal LED, 30 degrees tilt angle

WHAT TO LIKE: Good quality, energy efficient, ppacious, effective for long term trips

WHAT TO DISLIKE: Expensive price and heavy weight

Engel is already a widely trusted brand in Australia, known to be top notch in the fridge-freezer game and is often utilized by serious campers which increased its reputation alongside its price. Although it’s quite pricey, in the long term, it is proven to be a worthwhile investment. It features world-renowned tech like the Sawafuji swing motor that speeds up cooling while its built-in digital thermostat control ensures that the temperature of the refrigerator stays the way you set it regardless of the changes in the weather. Since it has multiple power source options, you can use it with a battery, or plugged in an outlet. In case you want an upgrade to a bigger model, this Engel MT has a good resale value thanks to its heavy-duty canvas insulated cover that protects it from bumps and scratches to maintain its aesthetic value. 

Check out this more comprehensive review on the Engel fridge

3. EvaKool TMDZ60 Travel Mate

evakool tmdz60 with lid off

Type: Dual Zone Fridge 

Price and Warranty: $1,149, 3 years (all components), 5 years (compressor)

Weight and Capacity: 25Kg, 51 L

Power Source and Consumption: 12 V DC – 24 V DC or 240 V AC

Brand and Material: Evakool, Polypropolene

Temperature Range Settings: -18°C to 10°C.

Special Features: InteriorLED light, Digital controls, USB port, removable baskets, security handles, 30 degrees tilt angle

WHAT TO LIKE: Removable lids and baskets, durable especially in hot areas, noise-free, easy to clean, does not corrode or rust, has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

WHAT TO DISLIKE: Somewhat expensive, Handle tends to give up when fridge reaches maximum capacity

This EvaKool dual zone fridge is one of the most versatile fridges there is on the market for such a reasonable price. Its innovative removable lids makes it easier to open and dig through especially when cleaning, packing or unpacking. Although still a rising brand and not as prominent as Engel Fridge and Dometic, it can stand side-by-side prominent brands thanks to its amazing design. With its size that could challenge a full fridge and its impressive durability, it could stand a week long traveling without you having to worry about your beverage thanks to its reliable SECOP compressor that can cool up to 55 degrees which makes it practical to use even in hotter areas. It also has a long battery life perfect for long travels.  Since it has a roll-bond evaporate, it offers low power draw and runs noise-free. And if you are particular about hygiene, then you’ve found your new best friend with this fridge that does not absorb food taste and odor, neither does it rust or corrode. Also campers can even use it as a charging outlet and control its temperature using your smartphone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. 

If you’re interested in this product by EvaKool fridges, we made an even more comprehensive review of it!

4. Adventure King Stayzcool 60L Fridge/Freezer

BUY NOW FOR $793.95

Type: Single Zone Fridge 

Price and Warranty: $793.95, 5 years

Weight and Capacity: 25.3 kg, 60 L

Power Source and Consumption: 12 V DC – 24 V DC or 240 V AC, 0.7 – 1.0Ah

Brand and Material: Kings, Steel body and lid, Polyurethane insulation 

Temperature Range Settings: +10°C to -18°C

Special Features: Internal LED, DC inputs on both ends, Dual side-opening, Digital controls

WHAT TO LIKE: Safe to use and good for long trips, reversible lids, lots of safety measures,  30 degrees tilt angle

WHAT TO DISLIKE: No Bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Adventure Kings Fridge is an up and coming brand in constant development so versatile it is easily becoming one of the best camping fridge-freezers on the market. This new and improved Adventure King Stayzcool is not so bad for an entry level camping fridge. For starters, it gives you the option to save battery power with its SECOP compressor that runs on either AC or DC power so you can opt to plug it if there is any power source available then use the battery when on the move. For safety purposes, its power ports are covered with rubber to avoid incidents that may put it on fire or wet its components. This new model is also geared with USB ports to easily charge your device, it has an LCD display that shows the temperature at all times so you may easily monitor and change it. Its innovative reversible lid is one to watch out for because it makes cleaning, packing, and unpacking easier.

5. National Luna 60L Fridge

BUY NOW FOR $1,845

Type: Dual Zone Fridge with separate freezer lid

Price and Warranty: $1,845, 3 years

Weight and Capacity: 28.2 kg, 34.9 L (Fridge), 24.2 L (Freezer)

Power Source and Consumption: 9.6-31 V DC or 100-240 V AC

Brand and Material: National Luna, polyurethane insulation

Temperature Range Settings: 20ºC to -24°C (right bin), 20°C to -18ºC (left bin)

Special Features: Dual digital temperature controller, Internal LED, 5 baskets

WHAT TO LIKE: You can simultaneously use the fridge and freezer at different temperature, long battery life, resilient to harsh climate, With baskets and LED lights,  50-60 degrees tilt angle

WHAT TO DISLIKE: Expensive price, No Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

National Luna fridges are designed and built in South Africa so they’re made with those harsh conditions in mind. It employs a SECOP compressor which makes it a good choice for long duration travels for families or groups of friends. It provides 5 baskets to keep the contents organized while in optimal temperature. It has other basic components such as LED lights and digital temperature controller too. However despite its rather high price, it does not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and other fun and innovative features. Regardless, it is still one of the best camping fridges as it compensates with durability, spaciousness and long battery life thanks to its low draw rates. 

6. Bushman Original Camping Fridge

best original bushman fridge

Type: Single Zone

Price and Warranty: $1,285, 3 years (unit), 5 years (compressor)

Weight and Capacity: 22.5 kg, 35 L

Power Source and Consumption: 12 V DC – 24 V DC or 240 V AC, ~0.5Ah (at 4° in 25° ambient temperature)

Brand and Material: Bushman, Powder-coated steel cabinet

Temperature Range Settings: 10°C to -22°C

Special Features: Digital control, LCD control screen, removal baskets, steel latches, interchangeable size of lids,  40 degrees tilt angle

WHAT TO LIKE: Versatile due to its flexible size, accessories such as baskets and extension collars, durable 


If you are looking for a portable and mobile fridge that consumes low power, the Original Bushman Camping Fridge 35L is a highly recommended unit. This fridge utilizes the Genuine Bushman cooling system, a technology that involves a 360° ventilation system that covers the top, bottom, and its three sides, and a wire-on-tube condenser that allows the heat to dissipate faster, ensuring low energy consumption. In addition, the Original Bushman Portable Fridge offers reliability, lasting for more than 20 years of working condition. A unique feature Bushman offers is its extendable fridge that can be expanded up to 52L using its interchangeable lids and freebie extension collars. Other than the energy efficiency and reliability, this unit also presents high portability, with 690x385x380 mm dimensions, allowing it to fit easily in tight spots like car compartments, making it the perfect companion for your next adventure.

Bushman is so high quality we obviously can’t get over it so go read our detailed review about this great Aussie brand!

7. ARB ZERO Portable Fridge Freezer

BUY NOW FOR $1,479  

Type: Dual Fridge 

Price and Warranty: $1,479, 3 years

Weight and Capacity: 33Kg, 60L

Power Source and Consumption: 12/24 V DC / 100-240V AC. ~0.8Ah

Brand and Material: ARB

Temperature Range Settings: 10 °C to -22 °C

Special Features: Internal LED, Electronic lock, boost function for rapid cool down and temperature moderation controls, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

WHAT TO LIKE: Spacious, Durable, Can be connected to iOS or Android via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Stays in position regardless of the tilt angle

WHAT TO DISLIKE: Expensive price, Ships from abroad

The ARB Zero Dual-Zone Fridge Freezer (73 Quart) – 10802692 is a highly efficient, portable, durable, and versatile unit. This unit utilizes variable-speed drive technology that employs a mechanism to regulate its speed, saving energy compared to a fixed equivalent. Also, the dimension of this unit (33x21x25 in) and its convenient USB 5V, 3000 mA outlet for charging mobile devices makes it an appropriate companion for outdoor activities. Its versatility came from its internal freezer compartment lid and divider that can be removed to free up some room for more spacious items. Rough and intense adventures will not concern you since the fridge is covered and protected with a tough and durable steel outer casing.

8. Advwin Portable Car Fridge 49L

BUY NOW FOR $489.90

Type: Dual Fridge

Price and Warranty: $389.90

Weight and Capacity: 16 kg, 49 L

Power Source and Consumption: 12 V DC – 24 V DC or 100 V AC – 240 V AC, 50 W

Brand and Material: ADVWIN, Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), Stainless metal, Aluminum

Temperature Range Settings: 20°C to -25°C

Special Features: Digital control, eco-mode to save energy, shock resistant, 45 degrees tilt angle

WHAT TO LIKE: Has many compartments to divide fridge content, fast cooling, shockproof, low noise, digital LED temperature display

WHAT TO DISLIKE: Easily gets scratched, No lock to keep the lid secured in place

The Advwin Portable Car Fridge 49L can serve as a fridge or freezer that offers an exceptionally large capacity. This model has a fast cooling technology, with a powerful compressor that can cool up the freezer within 30 minutes and reach the lowest -4 Fahrenheit (-20 Celsius) in about an hour. Besides its max mode for fast cooling, it also has an ECO mode for energy saving. In addition, this fridge utilizes battery protection and low noise technologies, avoiding the car battery to run out and with a running noise of only 45 decibels, providing a quiet and comfortable environment during your trips. The shock-resistant design made up of ABS material ensures durability and protection for long-term use.

9. OZtrail Dual Zone 80L


Type: Dual Fridge

Price and Warranty: $799, 2 Year National Warranty

Weight and Capacity: 29 kg, 80 L

Power Source and Consumption: 12 V DC – 24 V DC or 240 V AC, ~1A/h

Brand and Material: OZtrail, Coated Steel/Aluminium Lining, PU Foam insulation

Temperature Range Settings: down to 20°C to -20°C

Special Features: Digital control,  3-Stage Battery Protection, 30 degrees tilt angle

WHAT TO LIKE: Thick insulation, not noisy, cheap


The OZtrail Dual Zone 80L is a multifunctional fridge designed for typical Australian outback conditions. This unit is convenient and versatile, with the ability to have three different configurations – fridge/fridge, fridge/freezer, or freezer/freezer – depending on your needs. In addition, it has a considerable capacity of 80 L, which can hold up to 150 cans of beverages. This model also utilizes the LG compressor and electronics technology that ensures energy efficiency and less mechanical noise, making it the ideal companion for relaxing road trips and adventures. Also, it guarantees the freshness and quality of the items stored in the fridge due to regulated temperature fluctuations and thick insulations on every side of the fridge. 

10. Brass Monkey 15L


Type: Chest Fridge

Price and Warranty: $199, 3 years

Weight and Capacity: kg, 15 L

Power Source and Consumption: 12 V DC – 24 V DC or 240 V AC (adaptor sold separately), 45 W

Brand and Material: Brass Monkey, 

Temperature Range Settings: 10°C to -20°C

Special Features: digital control, 5 degrees tilt angle 

WHAT TO LIKE: Compact, cheap

WHAT TO DISLIKE: Small, no modern technology

If you’re interested in getting a portable fridge but don’t have thousands of dollars to invest, Brass Moneky’s 15L fridge is the way to go for beginners looking for the best small camping fridge. It is cute and compact yet durable and effective in cooling and though it does not use a big-brand compressor, it still does the job well. It even reportedly runs quietly, plus, the 3 year warranty is also a great deal. If you have a few extra dollars to spare, you can upgrade the size or choose one with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

See our full review of the Brass Monkey brand.


There are many camping fridges to choose from a varying range of brands. If you’re more interested in tried and true products, then go for the brands used by professional campers and big families such as Domestic , Engel and National Luna. These come in good camping fridge power consumption thanks to the dual battery system, and additional features to ensure battery protection. They also have strong compressors, long lasting batteries and strong insulation and durability, plus additional accessories such as interior LED light, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, digital LCD, baskets and many more. The downside is you would have to spend a hefty sum should you decide to go for their best selling, stainless steel, big capacity and modern fridges, but they do offer reduced quality fridges with smaller specs and significantly lower prices.

If your budget is mid-range and you are looking for up and coming brands on par with already established ones, you can go for EvaKool, Adventure King, and Bushman. Interestingly, these new brands are leading innovative additions to modern camping fridges such as the reversible lids of Adventure King’s Stayzcool,  removable lids and baskets of EvaKool, and the adjustable sizing feature of Bushman. These cool features easily bring it up in our list of best camping fridges.

We also recommend ARB, a new yet popular and efficient America-based brand that has a starting price of $1,200 to $1,700 depending on size. Like prominent Australian brands, this too has modern technology integrated in it. On the other hand, if you are a beginner camper and you want to get a feel of these quality fridges without spending thousands of dollars, then Advwin, OZtrail and Brass Monkey are brands you should consider, though keep in mind that their models are in constant development process so don’t forget to check reviews before buying! 

Final Verdict

Among our top 10 picks of best portable fridge/freezers are our top 6 contenders well suited for specific people with specific needs and budgets. If you want to know more about 12 Volt fridges and utilizing solar panels to power it, check our guide on 12 Volt Fridges – Solar Panel Requirements, Sizes & Capacity. 

Other fridges we shoul mention that are high quality but didn’t quite meet the list include the myCoolman range, and the Waeco CF50

With these portable fridges, your camping getaways are about to get a whole lot more enjoyable. Take the jump and invest now! 

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