The best part about traveling in a camper trailer is that they allow you to hit the open road and ride in comfort. A camper trailer is perfect for groups, families, solo travelers, or couples fond of overland adventures and road trips. 

Whether you are a camping enthusiast or not, you’ll love how they keep you extra cozy while vagabonding for a weekend getaway! Besides, if you don’t have a vast budget to spare for hotels, camper trailers are your best vacay solution. 

But, the variety, brands, types, and features of camper trailers available these days make it a painstaking task to spot the best one. 

If you’ve been seeking suggestions for the best Australian camper trailer, you’ve come to the right place! This camper trailer review and buying guide enlist some excellent recommendations. 

So, are you ready to embark on our Australian expedition to find the best camper trailers? Let’s help you on the journey to find the best camper trailer for your next adventure! 

10 Best Camper Trailers of 2022 

Whether you are looking for a camper trailer for family travels or just some solo time, we’ve got the best picks for you. 

These handpicked camper trailers in Australia come from only popular and renowned brands. We’ve taken time to explore each camper trailer and dig out all the details about its performance and features. 

Here are the best camper trailers that can be a part of your adventure in 2022! 

1. Escapod Teardrop Trailer

At the time of writing, we are unaware if these are available in Australia. There may be second hand privately imported models for sale.

Escapod is a Utah-based company well-known for producing futuristic and top-notch teardrop trailers. Our favourite camper trailers from the Escapod are from their Topo series. The Escapod camper trailers start at a price of about $17,000 USD. 

We love these camper trailers as they come with a bundle of features. In this teardrop trailer, you get a comfy queen-size bed, solar panels, insulated walls, and every other van life essentials you’d want. 

What’s more, the hard-topped roof also lets you mount rooftop tents and showers to unlock more utility. The trailer has enough space for two campers. There are also features for internal lighting, storage. 

You’ll fall in love with the exterior design of Escapod’s simple trailers. You’ll also appreciate the fact that it comes in great colours. Lastly, the large cooking area, hot water system, and off-road tires will make van life fun! 

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Image Credits: The Latest Off-Road Camper Trailer From Escapod

2. Bruder EXP 6 Camper

Your hunt for a travel buddy is all set to come to an end with the Bruder EXP 6 Camper. Bruder is an example that nothing can beat an Aussie build! This monster trailer weighs a whopping 2,000 kg and comes at a price tag of $70,000 AUD.

If you are a camping enthusiast or want to live off-grid, the Bruder EXP 6 Camper is an excellent investment. 

The EXP 6 Camper can sleep small families of up to 6 members. Wait until you see the fancy outdoor and indoor cooking area, a pop-top roof, and working shower! 

You’ll also be delighted to learn that this ultimate camper trailer harbours a plush queen-size bed, an enormous fridge, Wi-Fi, TV, and air conditioner. 

There is more space than you’ll ever need! Since the kitchen deck folds out, you can enjoy outdoors while cooking your favourite camping dishes. 

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Image Credits: Have Great Outdoor Experience With Camper Trailers 

3. Sherpa Camper

Next on our list is the Sherpa Camper. This Australian trailer is a product by BRS Offroad. The camera trailer looks straight out of some sci-fi or future film from the outside. 

You need to shell out $66,000 to bring home this camping buddy. One of the notable features of this camper trailer is that it only takes a couple of minutes to set up. 

The rooftop tent pops open in the pop-up camper trailers like these. It is thoughtful how the brand offers resilient outlining and mosquito-proof nets. The Sherpa Campers have also surprised us with their three layers of windows. 

Being an off-grid trailer, it can take all the beating your throw at it. It features road tires so that the muddy and tricky terrains don’t use your journey. Its space-like design and hi-fi cooking area have our appreciation! Though costly, you would find the Sherpa Camper to be worth every penny. 

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Image Credits: The Futuristic Camper Trailer Every Camping Enthusiast Should Have!  

4. Timberleaf Pika 

At the time of writing, we are unaware if these are available in Australia. There may be second hand privately imported models for sale.

The Timberland Pike can be every minimalist’s dream space. You’ll dig its bold black paint the moment you lay eyes on this cool camping unit. Apart from black, the trailer comes in a whole range of colours. Though it only has the basics, you cannot deny its durable and excellent engineering. 

Plus, the trailer is compact, budgeted, and lightweight. It means that this light trailer is easy to tow. However, you’ll not find many facilities and accessories in the Timberland Pika. But, for a price tag of just $11,000 USD, we think you can overlook those missing facilities. 

It includes galley cabinets, where you can store your cooking accessories. The trailer also takes care of cooling your beverages with its 35L refrigerator. All in all, it offers the best value for first-timers and people who are not looking to spend big bucks on campers. 

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Image Credits: Timberlead Pika Trailer Camper for Buyers On a Budget 

 5. Pioneer Campers

We cannot simply miss Pioneer Campers in the best camper trailers list. The Mitchell Trailer is one of Pioneer Campers’ best off-road camper trailers. 

The pricing is a tad steep at $50,000 AUD, but you’ll understand that the various features make up for the pricing. It is also worth mentioning that the camper trailer weighs 1300 kg. 

The best deal about this camper trailer is that most elements slide out, enabling more space. Even while off the beaten track, the durable build of this camper gives you a comfortable experience. 

There’s a tent and a shower, perfect for a trip with family. You’ll find a stainless steel rollout kitchen, slide-out bench, cutlery drawer, sink, two-burner stove, and a large bench in this caravan. It also gives you access to clean water with its 120-litre water tank. 

You’ll have a great sleep at night with the larger bed holding an innerspring mattress. By and large, Pioneer Campers absolutely know what they’re doing with this camping trailer.

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Image Credits: Camper Trailers – Your Best Shot at Outdoor Adventure 

6. Airstream Basecamp

If you can’t find an Airstream camper in Australia, contact Jayco. They have partners with Airstream in Australia.

The classic and reliable build of the Airstream Basecamp is perfect if you are looking for a camper trailer that will live for years to come. We think that the exterior is incredible and modern. Besides, it packs all the latest gizmos and gadgets that you’ll need during your camping trip. 

Of course, with the various features, the price tag of the Airstream Basecamp touches $38,000 USD. You’ll find this trailer a worthy investment because it comes with all top-notch amenities – blackout curtains, bathroom, shower, and kitchen with two-burner hob. 

Remember, this trailer is not as big as our previous picks. It’s perfect for a pair with pets. One of the main reasons to pick this trailer is its excellent storage and posh interiors. 

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Image Credits: Let the Adventure Begin With Airstream Campers! 

7. Blackseries HQ17 & 19 Trailer

If you are a camping enthusiast, you should give the Blackseries HQ17 and 19 a look. This savvy trailer has a full king-size bed, enormous shower and bathroom area, and leather seating to deliver a rich experience. 

The Blackseries HQ17 camper trailers cost $50,000 AUD! You can technically call it an apartment on wheels! 

The HQ17 from Blackseries boasts quality off-road tires and excellent suspension, best for tricky terrains. It is also one of the very few off-road camper trailers that include a washing machine. 

Inside the HQ17 and HQ19 trailer, you’ll find everything and anything you need for a comfy ride. The full-fledged kitchen has a stove, microwave, and a large fridge. 

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Image Credits: Unlock a Plush Camping Experience with HQ17 and HQ19 

8. Oregon Camper Do Drop

If you think the above camper trailer is beyond your budget, you’ll love the Oregon Camper Do Drop that costs as little as $6,200. The exterior trailer body features a clean and straightforward design. This little fellow is perfect if you have a small tow. 

Also, being just 250 kg, it is the lightest camper trailer on our list! The manufacturer has put together off-road tires, storage, and a double bed to make sure you have a pleasant time. 

The clever design of the window transforms into a table when you want to dine in. There’s also a roof rack that lets you add more storage and portable showers. 

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Image Credits: Say Yes to Living Off-Grid With Camper Trailers  

9. Cub Campers Frontier 

Cub Campers is one of the best camper trailer manufacturers in Australia. The brand offers a diverse range of forward folds, soft floors, dual folds, and hybrid caravans. Do you know that Australia developed the concept of the forward-folding camper? 

However, it took a long time for anyone to have a good crack at it. The engineering of the Cub Campers Frontier feels like a breath of fresh air. The camper can handle a total weight of 670 kg. 

Frontiertier also happens to be one of the easiest-to-set-up forward folding trailers. The caper encompasses a living area, kitchen, bed, and everything you’d expect from a trailer. 

Under the foot of the bed, you’ll find six internal storage boxes. If you ask us, Frontiertier harbours all the amenities you can get at that price tag. 

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Image Credits: Camping Made Easier With Cub Campers Frontier! 

10. Jayco Eagle Outback 

Last but not least, we have the Jayco Eagle Outback trailer on our list. The Jayco camper range is perfect for families. This Australian-made camper trailer can accommodate seven people. All the Jayco models follow a similar setup process, which is quite simple for beginners. 

We also find the interior space to be highly functional and optimal. One of the most significant advantages of this camper trailer is its slide-out bed. 

The Eagle Outback is also a chef’s delight. The kitchen in this caravan has a four-burner cooktop, stainless steel sink, 90 L refrigerator, and sufficient benchtop space. There’s also under-bench storage that can hold all the kitchen items. 

Most existing Jayco users also claim that the Eagle Outback gives you a lot of opportunities to upgrade and modify. 

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Image Credits: Heading Out for an Adventure? Don’t Forget Your Camping Buddy! 

Things to Consider While Buying Off-Road Camper Trailers 

We wish that the process of buying a camping trailer was as joyful as riding in one. The best camping trailer will check all the boxes of towing capacity, build quality, living space, simple setup, and comfortable bed. 

But that’s not it. Several factors determine whether the off-road camper trailer is a good choice or not. You’ll need to understand the different types of camping trailers, weight attributes, and a slew of other features. But worry not! We’ve done the homework for you and put together a buying guide that will help you pick the best camper trailer.

Prioritize Storage 

Whether travelling solo or with a large group, storage space always comes in handy. Even if not your topmost priority, storage should be one of your considerations. If you go on outdoor vacations for a week or more, you’ll need a lot of utilities in your camper. 

Storage allows you to keep things inside the trailer organized and the space decluttered. That said, there should be different storage spaces to lug your baggage, kitchen items, and personal items. 

Understand the Types of Camper Trailers

If you are a first-time buyer, you might not be aware of the different camper trailers available in the market. This section will walk you through all the camper types! 

  • Soft floor camper trailers: They’ll look much the same if you compare a large cabin tent and soft floor camper trailers. The soft floor campers offer fantastic internal storage and spacious interiors. Many people find the setup of soft floor campers to be challenging. Also, they might not have all the amenities offered by hard floor camper trailers. They are best suited for large groups and families.
  • Hard floor camper trailers: Hard floor campers are much like pop-up camper trailers. The roof raises, rear, and front to create a spacious living. Hard floor campers are also the easiest to set up. You should know that these types of camper trailers have smaller sleeping space, less internal storage, and tend to weigh more. 
  • Hybrid camper trailers: The hybrid camper trailers offer immense flexibility to the users. They retain many features of typical caravans. However, these camper trailers run more costly than soft or hard floor camper trailers. In terms of weight, the hybrid camper trailer is much bulkier. 

Don’t Forget the Modifications and Accessories 

If your camper comes with accessories or recent upgrades, you should ensure that they are in proper working conditions. Also, depending on your requirements, you might require additional accessories such as microwaves, Wi-Fi, air-con, and so on. 

Moreover, the camper trailer should also have some scope for modifications such as upgraded bedding, a second battery, and larger water tanks. 

Unfortunately, finding a camper with all accessories and modifications can be tricky. As a result, we suggest you prioritize your requirements to help you narrow the choices. 

Give Interior and Exterior Checks 

Here is a list of a few interior and exterior checks that will make it easy for you to pick the best camper trailers: 

  • Check the bedding to see if they are in good condition
  • Make sure all the lighting and electrical outlets work properly. 
  • The overall condition of the interior should be tip-top. 
  • It is also wise to check the exterior canvas for holes. 
  • The awning should be easy to set up. Additionally, it would be best to consider the condition of the zips and velcro. 
  • Analyze if the kitchen construction is durable or not. Amenities such as sinks, microwaves, and refrigerators should be present. 
  • The capacity of the water tank should be enough for all the members. Also, check for a hot water system. 
  • Does the camper trailer come with a bathroom? If yes, is it outside or inside? 
  • The setup and pack down of the camper trailer should be simple.
  • Camper trailers should have stone guards to offer adequate protection. 
  • Inspect the number of batteries in the trailer and whether they are solar-powered or not.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What Do I Need to Tow a Camper Trailer? 

These days, camper trailers come with accessible towing features to save you from back-breaking work. You will need different components to ensure a proper towing mechanism. Below, we have mentioned all the five elements that are a must for camper towing: 

  • Wiring harness
  • Trailer hitch ball
  • Pin and clip
  • Ball mount 
  • Trailer hitch receiver 

Make sure you check the towing capacity of your tower before loading the camper onto it!

Is a Camper Trailer Worth It? 

Owing to the extensive cost of buying a camping trailer, you might be wondering if they are worth the investment or not. 

Well, beyond the realms of DIY outdoor shelters and tents, camper trailers offer a comfortable and reliable experience. Here’s what makes camper trailers worth it: 

  • They cost lower as compared to hotels and rental accommodations. 
  • You can tow off-road camper trailers to a variety of terrains.
  • Camper trailers allow outdoor adventures without limitations for cooking and bathing. 
  • These days, campers come with all modern amenities to give you a home-like feel. 
  • If you have a family of four to six members, you can go on family trips on the camper. 

How Long Do Camper Trailers Last? 

When you spend that kind of money on a camping unit, you indeed want it to last for years. Many people wonder how long camper trailers last before purchasing the trailer. 

After all, you don’t want to end up spending on something that will no longer be functional after a couple of years. Luckily, camper trailers last for up to 10 years on average. The lifespan of your camper trailer also largely depends on the build and how you maintain it. 

The Final Verdict 

Finding the best Australian-made camper trailer is an adventure in itself. There are hundreds of camper trailer brands in the market fighting for your attention! 

Moreover, you have to consider the build quality, tent setup features, living space, water tanks, and so much more. 

Hopefully, you’ll find yourself a perfect camper trailer from our list based on your needs and requirements. Happy travelling!

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