A comfortable camping mattress is the best way to ensure a peaceful good night’s sleep. Anyone who loves camping knows that it’s very important to have a comfortable place to sleep during this adventure.

Waking up with back pain is never desirable and can make staying in nature a less pleasant or even completely unpleasant experience. I felt this over and over again when I was just starting with my camping trips a decade ago. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Instead, why not make your camping experience memorable in a good way by camping with the best outdoor gear on the market?

Here’s a brief description of the six best swag mattresses for camping. If you have not yet decided which swag mattress is right for you, this guide could be of great help.

6 Best Camping Mattresses

After searching every corner of the Internet and going through hundreds of swag camping mattress reviews, we came up with a list of the 6 bestsellers.

These are the following models of swag mattresses:

1. Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat

2. Darche 900 Wide All Terrain Mattress

3. Exped Megamat Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

4. Klymit Static V2

5. Mountain Equipment Helium 3.8 Warm Zone Camping Mat

6. Coleman All-Terrain Double High Queen Size Mat

Quick Comparison

Best Self Inflating
Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat
Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat

Excellent value for money.

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Best Waterproof Mattress
Darche 900 Wide All Terrain Mattress
Darche 900 Wide All Terrain Mattress

Best Darche waterproof swag mattress.

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Best King Single
Exped Megamat Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad
Exped Megamat Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Best king size camping mattress.

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1. Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat (Self-Inflating Mattress)

The best camping mattress will be the one that has a perfect support system and strength.

If you are looking for the best self-inflating mattress, then Zempire Monstamat Single Camp Mat should be your first choice.

This mattress brand has gained popularity worldwide due to its unique technology that allows self-inflating in just a few minutes.

All you need to do is release the valves on the mattress, and in a short time, it will inflate to the maximum thickness (10 cm). For greater firmness, you can blow air in with your mouth or use an air pump.

In addition to the comfort it provides, this mattress can also keep you warm since its R-value is as high as 9.5.

All in all, there is not a single downside we could find for this model of swag camping mattress when it comes to quality.

The only possible drawback could be the narrow width when it comes to the single model (69cm), but this can certainly be avoided by buying an ultra-comfortable double swag model (201 × 132 cm).

Also, the price of this mattress is perhaps higher compared to some other camping mattresses. However, if we take into account the quality, comfort, trial period of 14 days, and a 2-year warranty, we certainly think that buying this mattress is worthwhile and would perfectly fit your swag setup.

Product specification:

● R-value: 9.5

● Dimensions of the single swag: 198 cm x 69 cm

● Dimensions of the double swag: 201 cm x 132 cm

● Thickness: 10 cm

● Package dimensions: 70 cm x 20 cm x 20 cm

● Material: 30D Super Stretch Ripstop Top | 75D Poly Pongee base

● Filling material: antibacterial foam with open cells with a cross core

● Type: self-inflating

● Weight: 3.1 kg

● Warranty: 2 years


● Considerable R-value (9.5)

● Large thickness (10 cm)

● Quick and easy self-inflating

● Lightweight (3.1 kg)

● Trial period of 14 days

● Two-year warranty


● Narrow width single model (69 cm)

● High price

2. Darche 900 Wide All Terrain Self-Inflating Mattress

This swag mattress is the best alternative to the previously described Zempire Monstamat. With a thickness of 10 cm, it’s one of those super comfy camping products.

Just like the Zempire Monstamat, it will inflate to its maximum thickness in a few minutes after you open the valves.

It’s made of a pleasant waterproof material (both the bottom and the top), so you don’t have to be afraid that it will get wet if it comes in contact with water.

Although it comes with a carry bag, users say that it’s a bit difficult to pack it back in it after use.

So, as one of the disadvantages, we could mention bulkiness, due to which the Darche 900 Wide All Terrain Mattress is not suitable for cars with small storage pockets.

Also, this mattress is not an option for very tall people, considering that its length is 1.95 m. Check out our full review of Darche swags.

Product specification:

● Dimensions: 195 cm x 90 cm

● Thickness: 10 cm

● Package dimensions: 99 cm x 25 cm x 22.5 cm

● Filling material: high-density antibacterial foam with open cells

● Type: self-inflator

● Weight: 6.2 kg

● Warranty: 1 year


● Large thickness (10 cm),

● Quick and easy self-inflating

● 1-year warranty


● Not suitable for tall people (only 195 cm long)

● High weight (6.2 kg)

3. Exped Megamat Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad (Self-Inflator)

Exped Megamat is suitable for camping in all weather conditions, even at really low temperatures. When looking for the best self-inflating mattress, this model should definitely be considered.

With a value of 9.5 R, you can embark on your winter camping adventure because this mattress will warm you up really quickly.

This one comes with a pump, with which you can regulate both the height and the firmness of your air bed, depending on how firm a base you like to sleep on.

The maximum height of Exped Megamat is 10 cm, and you can order it in three different sizes (Single, Single Wide, and Medium).

Due to its light weight, (only 2.6 kg), this mattress is also suitable for hiking. It comes with an original carry bag, as well as a repair kit.

When it comes to the price of this swag mattress, it’s among the highest. However, if you look at all the benefits that this Australian mattress offers, you will realize that it is worth investing your money in.

Product specification:

● R-value: 8.1

● Dimensions: 197 cm x 77 cm

● Thickness: 10 cm

● Package dimensions: 79 cm x 25 cm x 25 cm

● Material: 50D Tricot Nylon Top | 75D polyester base

● Filling material: antibacterial foam with open cells

● Type: self-inflating, mini pump help included

● Weight: 2.6 kg

● Warranty: 5 years




● Large thickness (10 cm)

● Considerable R-value (9.5)

● Lightweight (2.6 kg)


● High price

4. Klymit Static V2 (Air Mattress)

For all those who want to camp only with a backpack on their back, the choice of mattress plays a significant role.

We know that a camping mattress is one of the heaviest pieces of camping equipment. Therefore, the lower the weight of the mattress, the easier it will be to walk with it.

The Klymit Static V2 is the best choice for such adventures, as it weighs only 450 grams. This means that no matter how far away your camping site is, this single swag mattress will provide you with all the necessary comfort while walking.

The price of this mattress is affordable, it has enough width and thickness for a comfortable sleep, and it is very durable.

The air pipes in the Klymit Static V2 mattress are arranged in a V shape in order to preserve the heat as well as possible.

However, we must say that this model is intended only for camping during the summer months because it has an R-value of only 1.3.

Also, it can be considered a disadvantage that the inflation and deflation of this mattress take longer than the previously described models.

air mattress by klymit

Product specification:

● R-value: 1.3

● Dimensions: 183 cm x 58 cm

● Thickness: 6 cm

● Package dimensions: 18 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm

● Material: 75D Polyester

● Type: air mattress

● Weight: 450 grams


● Affordable price

● Lightweight (450 grams)

● Great endurance

● Lifetime warranty on material and workmanship


● Small R-value (1.3)

5. Mountain Equipment Helium 3.8 Warm Zone Camping Mat (Self-Inflating Mattress)

Don’t think you have to set aside a considerable fortune to afford a super comfy swag mattress.

There are models that are comfortable and don’t cost much. One such mattress is the Mountain Helium 3.8 Varm Zone Mat.

This swag mattress is another option that perfectly suits both hikers and campers due to its light 750 gram-weight.

When it comes to the thickness of this self-inflatable mattress, it’s slightly thinner than other lightweight models at only 3.8 cm thick. Nevertheless, a high-density foam inside it will provide your body with all the necessary support and comfort. Rest assured that you won’t feel uncomfortable sleeping on it.

The upper side of the mattress is made of 75D non-slip polyester, which further increases the durability of the Mountain Helium mattress.

If you are not satisfied with Mountain Helium, you can return it (the trial period lasts as long as 100 days). The warranty on this mattress is three years.

Product specification:

● R-value: 3.6

● Dimensions: 183 cm x 51 cm

● Thickness: 3.8 cm

● Package dimensions: 27cm x 16 cm

● Material: 75D polyester

● Filling material: high-density foam

● Type: self-inflating

● Weight: 750 grams

● Warranty: 3 years


● Lightweight (750 grams)

● Trial period of as much as 100 days

● 3-year warranty


● Small R-value (3.6)

6. Coleman All-Terrain Double High Queen Size Mat (Air Mattress)

All those for whom camping is one of their favorite activities have surely heard a fair bit about swag mattresses by Coleman.

These are among the best swag mattresses and are the perfect choice for campers who do not compromise when it comes to comfort.

The Coleman All-Terrain Double High Queen Size is as thick as 38 cm.

The Puncture Guard brand of fabric from which this mattress is made is more durable and softer than classic fabric most manufacturers use. When we compare the protective fabric of this mattress with the materials on a standard inflatable mattress, we can say that it is 30% lighter and more resistant to puncture (by 47%) and stretching (by 25%).

In addition, this model is made with a double air valve closure and a double safety lock to prevent it from blowing out.

Coleman All-Terrain Double High Queen Size is characterized by double height, thanks to which you will not have the feeling of sleeping on the ground but in a comfortable bed.

One of the advantages of this model is its easy assembly. Although it looks bulky when inflated, you can simply roll it up and put it in a backpack or in the trunk of a car.

The downside is that this double swag model may not be suitable for longer carrying on the back, as it weighs 5 kg. However, the Coleman All-Terrain Double High Queen Size is still considered a light air mattress even with this weight.

It’s a good quality model with great features, so if you’re looking for comfort, this is one of the best swags out there.

Product specification:

● Dimensions: 198 cm x 152 cm

● Thickness: 38 cm

● Package dimensions: 40 cm x 30 cm x 20H cm

● Material: Brushed Polyester / Laminated PVC

● Type: air mattress

● Weight: 5 kg

● Warranty: 1 year


● Extremely thick (38 cm)

● Great comfort

● Affordable

● 1-year warranty


● High weight (5 kg)

Swag Mattresses Buyers Guide

Types of Swag Mattresses

Mattresses intended for camping can be divided into three different types: air mattresses, self-inflating mattresses, and foam mattresses.

1. Air Mattresses

Air beds provide a high degree of comfort. Although the mattress thickness is higher than foam mattresses, they are still lighter and easier to pack and transport.

The disadvantages of an air bed are longer inflation and the sounds they can make while you are spinning in your sleep. Also, if they are punctured, these mattresses are no longer usable.

2. Self-Inflating Mattresses

Self-inflating mattresses are certainly one of the best inventions when it comes to camping equipment.

Without any effort, these mattresses will inflate themselves to their full size in just a few minutes. Also, once you’re done with your camping adventure, the mattresses will release air in no time.

Thanks to modern mattress technology, this type is a combination of foam with open cells and air.

Self-inflating is enabled thanks to the safety valve, which, when unwound, allows the mattress to draw in air. After the mattress is inflated to the maximum size, the valve closes, preventing air from coming out of the mattress.

Self-inflating mattresses are heavier than air mattresses and can be expensive, but on the other hand, they are warmer and softer, which guarantees a good nights sleep.

3. Foam Mattresses

A foam mattress is made of a type of foam whose density is exceptionally high. The air cells in foam mattresses are closed, making a foam mattress most similar to standard beds.

The biggest advantage of a foam mattress is that they don’t need to be inflated to be used. Simply take them out of the package and spread them out.

These mattresses are more durable because they are harder to damage.

However, foam mattresses have one major drawback, and that is small thickness. If you opt for this type of mattress, you need to know that you may not have comfortable and good-quality sleep.

How to Choose The Best Camping Mattress?

The first thing to consider when choosing a mattress is what you will use it for. Is it a mattress for occasional overnight stays, or are you planning to use it for longer outdoor adventures?

When looking at camping mattresses, comfort is really an important thing. However, several other factors need to be considered as well.

If you are planning a trip that requires camping at sub-zero temperatures, it’s important that the swag mattress you buy provides the necessary warmth. On the other hand, if the trip you have planned is in the summer, it will not matter as much to you what the R-value of the swag mattress is.

Portability is another thing to consider.

A portable mattress is versatile and provides you with superior comfort during your camping adventure. This is a perfect choice for those who want to take the comfort of sleeping in nature to a higher level.

A quality mattress will make you feel as comfortable as in your favorite hotel or house. When you have a comfortable sleeping mattress, you can relax knowing that you will get a good night’s sleep no matter where you go.

If you only occasionally use a swag mattress, for example for sleeping in nature on weekends, then it doesn’t matter which mattress you choose. However, if you like to spend more time outdoors, a quality mattress or foam mattress topper is necessary.

As already mentioned, there are several factors that you should consider when buying a mattress.

Let’s dive into them,

6 Important Factors When Choosing a Camping Mattress

1. Mattress Thickness and Warmth

The main reason why someone is looking for a swag mattress for camping is comfort.

Therefore, the thickness of the swag mattress becomes an essential characteristic because it largely determines how comfortable the mattress is to sleep on.

If you are looking for a swag mattress that you will combine with one you already have, then a width between 50 cm and 70 cm will do the job. However, if you need a stand-alone swag mattress you need to opt for a slightly wider option (from 70 cm to 100 cm).

In addition to comfort, a swag mattress should also provide you with warmth. The R-value of the mattress expresses how well your body will be insulated from the ground. So, the higher the R-value, the warmer the mattress. Basically, this value is higher with thicker swag mattresses (due to the greater distance between you and the ground).

Therefore, thicker mattresses, in addition to being more comfortable, also provide you with more heat during camping in colder weather conditions.

2. Mattress and Packaging Dimensions

Before you decide to buy a mattress, you need to check what its dimensions are. Why?

Because you don’t want to buy a mattress that will not fit your height or that will be too narrow for your needs.

Mattresses are produced in different lengths, so you will choose one on which you can stretch while you sleep. The most common widths of mattresses are 90 cm, 110 cm, and 140 cm, but there are those whose width is smaller than that. Therefore, be careful when choosing.

Also, if you don’t have ample space for packing camping equipment, choose a mattress with the smallest package dimensions.

3. Quality

The quality of a mattress is important for many reasons. If something goes wrong with the mattress, you would probably have to stop your camping, and you don’t want that to happen, do you?!

The most common problems are poorly glued edges or poor quality valves that release air. These are just some of the things that can go bad with low-quality mattresses, which is why it’s essential to buy a good quality mattress.

4. Warranty

When buying a camping mattress, choose one that has a warranty. The longer the warranty, the more the manufacturer stands behind its product and believes in its quality.

With a valid warranty, you can always change the mattress out if a problem occurs.

5. Hydro Isolation

It’s clear why this factor is important because no one wants to mess with a mattress that will soak if it comes in contact with water.

Good waterproofing is crucial for swag mattresses used outdoors.

6. Weight

As for the weight, it’s essential that a mattress is lightweight if you need to carry it on your back. Simply, it’s not the same carrying two kilograms and carrying six.

Wrapping Up

Now you know all about how to choose the best mattress for your next camping adventure.

You really have a lot of options. It’s just important to know what your needs are when it comes to a swag mattress.

Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned pro in camping, the cold ground is never pleasant, so make sure that your camping bed is comfortable and warm. All you need is a suitable mattress such as Zempire Monstamat Camp Mat.

We wish you happy camping!

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