If you’re going camping, you probably want to enjoy your time alone in the bush and bond with nature. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to leave electric power at home because that might mean you’d have to say goodbye to some things, for example, once your phone battery dies, you may not be able to take more pictures.

In some cases, your camping site might be too hot, so you may want to have air conditioning while you sleep. Additionally, some people would like to have alternative power sources in case they have outages, or to power mobile businesses.

Whichever the case, finding the best generator is a fantastic option you could explore. Once you start comparing alternatives, you might notice there are different models to choose from. Read on, and find out everything you might want to know on the subject! Check out our article on the Cromtech generator review and also our Engel generator review.

Things to Consider When You’re Choosing Your Power Generator

There are many things you should keep in mind when you’re deciding which generator to buy. Even though it sounds easy, each model offers specific characteristics, and you should understand everything about them if you want to make the right choice.

Important Characteristics to Keep in Mind

Generators can include different features, for example, a solar panel, full load, or quarter load noise level, and they can even come with a tool kit. However, the characteristics you should never forget are the ones that work for you.

In other words, instead of focusing on what each model offers you, try to make a list of what you would want in a generator. What are your expectations? Write everything you may want to power with the item, including how long you would like for it to run.

Moreover, make sure you include whether or not you have sensitive appliances you might want to power with it because it’s very important as well, especially when you’re choosing the type of generator you’re going to buy.

Appliances to Power with Your Inverter Generator

Now that you have a list of what you want to do with your generator, do some research on the appliances you want to power with it. Add the total watts you need, which can give you an idea of the generator size you need.

If you want to power air conditioning units, televisions, and microwaves, heaters, for example, you might need a lot of power. Thus, the question “how much power do you need?” is probably one of the most relevant ones to answer when you’re generator-hunting.

You should also determine how many appliances you want to power at once. Suppose that you want to make popcorn in your microwave, turn on the air conditioner, and charge different electrical appliances. In that case, you might need a powerful generator that can handle so many things.

Portability of Your Generator

The portability of your generator is also essential, especially if you’re going camping. Even though some people might worry about whether or not the model has a solar panel to recharge it, making sure your item is portable is way more important.

Some generators include wheels, while others don’t since you’re supposed to carry them around. Additionally, you should try to think about where you want to put it since it can be noisy or big.

If you don’t have much space to begin with, you might want to make sure you’re buying a lightweight and small option. Therefore, you could easily carry it around without worrying about running out of storage.

Nonetheless, if you have plenty of space, you could focus on other characteristics instead, such as the item’s power capacity, how much fuel it needs, etc.

When you buy your generator, you should consider portability as one of the most important factors. You can’t do much if you spend money, then discover that it doesn’t fit your garage or storage place, or that you can’t even move it in the first place. Thus, make sure you’re aware of all the details before making your purchase.

Placement of Your Camping Generator

Using a generator while you’re camping might bring several complications, and it all depends on the place you’re going to put it in.

Unfortunately, not all campgrounds allow people to bring a generator. Many national parks and state forests have banned them as well, so you should keep that in mind before buying yours.

However, with certain adjustments, you might be able to purchase a generator you can use when you’re camping. You could, for example, buy a Sine Wave model, which is usually much quieter. Therefore, you wouldn’t bother the people around you.

Using a generator while camping can be a fun experience, but you should try to be a good camper who thinks about others as well. Moreover, if you’re planning to use the item at home, you should never forget about your neighbors.

Even though a generator allows you to bring all your home commodities with you on your camping trip, that doesn’t mean you should use it all the time. If the weather is pleasant, you might want to consider turning it off during the night, which might even be a better idea since you don’t have to listen to the item’s noise while you sleep.

Going camping is a fantastic opportunity to relax and connect with nature, something you may not be able to do when you’re at home, and you’re constantly surrounded by the hassle of your work and daily life. Thus, take advantage of everything you can do without electricity, and try to use your generator as least as possible.

Are Inverter Generators Noisy?

Overall, generators require an engine to power your devices. Thus, they do make some noise. Nonetheless, the amount of noise they make depends on the type you buy, which is why you should understand all the details before buying one.

If you buy a regular generator, it might be very loud since its motor is not surrounded by any deafening technology. However, modern models, particularly inverter generators, have improved in that regard because brands want to make sure all customers have the best experience while they’re using them.

Purchasing an inverter generator means your item has mufflers and all sorts of technological enhancements to reduce the sound it makes. Therefore, it might not be completely silent, but it can be almost imperceptible while you’re sleeping or camping.

When you go camping, one of the best things to experience is the sounds nature makes around you. Having a noisy generator can completely ruin that, which is why you should try to get a quiet one.

Best Camping Generator List

Now that you know all the basics you need to pick the best generator for your camping trip, take a look at the following options. Each alternative is completely different, so make sure you evaluate them all before deciding.

Pure SineWave Generator – Engel R3000IE

If you buy the Engel R3000IE, you get a fuel-efficient camping generator at an affordable price. It’s a wonderful option if you need a quiet generator to provide you with backup power when you go camping, especially if you’re on a budget.

Engel offers you a four-year warranty, so you never have to worry about not being able to power appliances, even if you’re camping or if you have constant power outages.

With the right generator, you can power your camping equipment whenever you want. The Engel R300IE is extremely compact, so you’re able to carry it everywhere. At the same time, it has a tough case, which means it’s extremely durable.

Also, the portable generator is extremely quiet. Forget about loud noises while you’re having a power outage, or while you’re camping outside.

The item’s super quiet operation technology makes it the perfect companion, and its pure Sine Wave output allows you to comfortably plug in your devices, just like you would if you had regular AC power.

Buying the Engel R3000IE means you also get a top-quality recoil and electric starting system. Additionally, the fuel tank has a more than eight-litres fuel capacity, which allows you to use the fuel-efficient portable camping generator for five straight hours without having any issues.

Furthermore, the engine is a powerful, four-stroke motor. It’s one of the best camping generators you could find, and it’s ideal for many more activities, such as DIY projects, market stalls, mobile businesses, and it’s fantastic even if you want to have it at home as backup power.

Portable Inverter Generator by Dometic, 2100VA

If you’re tired of not having electric power while you’re camping, you might be considering buying a solar generator that ensures fuel efficiency, even if you’re in the bush. The product offers a maximum output power of 2100 VA, so it’s one of the most powerful items you can find out there.

Most inverter generators either offer you a powerful output or quiet operation technology. However, with Dometic’s 2100VA Generator, you can get both features. You get more power and less noise thanks to an electronic control unit that’s made to serve as an emergency backup, in case you ever need one.

When you buy Dometic’s 2100VA Generator, you get one of the best generator options out there since it lets you take all your home commodities with you while you’re on your camping trailer. Clean power may be available to you, so you can power your air conditioning unit, sensitive devices, and even your camping fridge.

6500w Inverter Generator by Briggs and Stratton

It’s not easy to find a quiet inverter generator, especially if you need a particularly powerful AC output. On many occasions, the noise level is very high since the engine solely focuses on giving you a full load to keep all your appliances ready to use.

However, Briggs and Stratton’s Inverter Generator is one of many customers’ favourites because it’s part of the QuietPower series. The brand wants to ensure all clients get top engine speed but also an adequate noise level, which is why this option is one of the best generator alternatives you could buy.

It’s a single-phase generator, ideal for any sensitive electronics you might want to have by your side when you go camping, for example, air conditioners. Nonetheless, you can also use it to run mobile food vans, coffee carts, small businesses, or you can leave it at home and take advantage of its fuel tank whenever you have a power outage.

Some portable camping generators ensure fuel efficiency, but they last only a couple of hours. You get much more than that if you get Briggs and Stratton’s Inverter Generator since it lasts up to 14 hours if you keep it at 25% load! We also have an article on the Briggs and Stratton generator review.

4000W Petrol Inverter Generator by MaxWatt

MaxWatt is one of the most popular brands out there because its products definitely include some of the best camping generators you could buy. If you’re looking for an effective solar generator, a small camping generator, or a top-quality product with a powerful fuel tank, you can probably go through the available items and find something that fits your needs.

Portable camping generator reviews usually include MaxWatt products, and the 4000W Petrol Inverter Generator is a fantastic option for people who want a safe camping generator. Australia has many alternatives, but this power output is safe for all your appliances since its inverter technology gives you maximum power, while also guaranteeing you have peace of mind when you’re using it.

If you buy the 4000W Petrol generator, you can have a power output to ensure all your sensitive electronics can get the power they need without any risks. It has a fuel tank capacity of 10 litres, which gives you eight hours of continuous use if you keep it at 50% load.

The best inverter generators allow you to power everything from air conditioning units to computers, a fridge and other similar devices. In this case, the 4000W portable generator is one of the best camping gear you could include in your next trip. You can get clean power since this gas-powered product gives you a 3500-watt continuous rating.

It’s hard to decide which option is the best camping generator. Australia, for example, has many alternatives, and you can get inverter technology, a powerful fuel tank and power output, and even pure Sine Wave technology in some cases. Nonetheless, the 4000W includes features only a limited number of generators have – a fair price, fantastic characteristics, and all the power you need while you’re camping.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Petrol Generator by GenTrax

Product Review has voted GenTrax’s power generators as the best ones in the market for three years straight! Even though there are many high-quality generator options, this brand definitely offers some alternatives you have to add to your list.

The Inverter Petrol Generator by GenTrax has a fuel tank capacity that’s perfect for televisions, computers, microwave ovens, kitchen appliances, and much more. You get more power and less noise since it also runs with quiet operation technology. This budget generator is ideal if you want to power your air conditioner as well since its continuous output allows you to enjoy a cool temperature even if you’re camping!

It’s not as quiet as the CromTech Outback Generator, but this small generator is still a phenomenal option, especially if you’re on a budget and want to buy one before you go camping. GenTrax’s alternative is ideal for multi-person travel, it’s extremely light, and it’s the perfect practical power output you need to accompany you on your trip.

If you get the Inverter Petrol Camping Generator by GenTrax, you don’t get one power output – you get two 154Amp ones, which is more convenient since other inverter generators only offer you a half output. This model is one of the best camping generators you could get for your campsite!

GenTrax’s Inverter Camping Generator, 3.5k kW

Another one of the best camping generator options you could buy is GenTrax’s 3.5k kW Inverter model, which has fantastic features, and it’s an alternative many people love. Even though the brand is well-known and offers top alternatives, this one is worth a look, especially if you’re comparing different items before making your purchase.

The portable generator is extremely fuel-efficient, which is something most modern generators make sure to include. However, the 3.5K Inverter has gotten great camping generator reviews due to its fuel tank capacity, lightweight, run time, and ability to power anything, even air conditioning units.

Camping generators must fit your needs, which is why you should examine various options before buying. Nonetheless, the 3.5K Inverter is probably one of the most adaptable inverter generators out there because it’s ideal for anyone who wants to spend some time with nature, or if you simply want to ensure you have ongoing electricity during outages.

While portable generators often include a fuel gauge, solar panels, and an electric start, this model is particularly special because it features an economy mode. Thus, you can turn it on and ensure your power consumption is efficient at all times. See our article on the Gentrax generator review for all the models from this brand.

Inverter Generator by GenTrax, Pure Sine Wave Remote Start

Inverter generators are extremely useful since they produce clean power for you to use. If you’re comparing different alternatives, you might want to check features such as the models’ electrical motors, their pull-start settings, fuel tank capacity, and whether or not they have solar panels.

To find a fantastic small camping generator, you should compare different options. However, in any inverter generator list you read, you’re going to find several GenTrax alternatives, especially the Pure Sine Wave Remote Start 3.5K Generator, which is one of the best camping generator models you could purchase.

This inverter generator is extremely quiet since its features include a very low noise level. Additionally, it includes an LCD display, which allows you to identify the running time as well as the output.

GenTrax surely knows a low noise level is not enough for many customers. Therefore, this model also includes a fantastic capacity – the inverter generator can last five and a half hours at full capacity.

Even though it sounds incredible, GenTrax has sold this phenomenal model since 2010, which is why many people believe it’s the best camping generator. Australia features various brands and alternatives you could buy, but this one has been around for years, and it’s a reliable, trustworthy, effective, and cost-efficient item.

Hyundai HY3200SEi Generator

If you want a compact and powerful small generator, the Hyundai HY200SEi might be an interesting alternative for you. It offers a 3200w/4.0VA power source, which is ideal if you want to keep your electric appliances up and running for some time while you’re camping.

Bringing your home’s comforts wherever you go is not easy, especially if you’re doing it on caravans or motorhomes. Nonetheless, it’s completely possible if you get the Hyundai HY200SEi since its power is enough for anything you might need.

The model includes a carry handle, so you can safely store it in a garage or in the back of a car or van. Additionally, this inverter generator only weighs 35kg, which makes it a lightweight option you can easily carry around. Furthermore, since it also includes wheels, a rear handle, and a folding front, transporting it is very simple.

To manage the demanding inductive loads of different motors and power tools, the inverter generator includes top-quality features, which ensure the model can handle the start-up currents.

Hyundai HY4000SEi

Hyundai’s HY4000SEi is the last item on the list, and it’s an inverter generator with fantastic features as well. It has a low noise level, a compact design, and a powerful engine that can help you power anything you need.

Purchasing the Hyundai HY4000SEi might be a great choice since the portable generator is a high-performance tool, ideal for both professional electronic devices, but also for simpler appliances you might have at home and want to bring with you on your trip.

A great portable generator offers you various options, which is exactly what you can get with the HY4000SEi. It has both a manual and electric start, so you can choose how you want to use it and start enjoying all its features.

Regardless of whether you use the manual or electric start, this alternative can immediately power a range of different devices. Therefore, it’s a fantastic choice for many customers, for example, if you need a power source for your country house, caravan, motorhome, and much more.

Keynote Takeaways

Choosing the perfect generator for your camping trip can be challenging at first. However, now that you know some important information, and have some options to evaluate, everything is much easier. All you need to do is to compare the models you know and choose your favourite. Your camping trip can be much more fun and enjoyable if you pick the right one, so make sure you spend some time deciding.

Write all the details you think are important about each generator. Then, make a list of pros and cons, emphasising your needs. Finally, make your choice! Your camping trip awaits you, and you can bring all your home commodities with you – simply buy your favourite generator, make sure it fits your needs, and start enjoying both nature and the wonders of electrical power.

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