Many people love going on camping trips, and you might be one of them. If that’s your case, you may wonder what’s the best way to season a swag, which can help you get ready for your next adventure. This guide offers you all you need to know, so read until the end and don’t miss anything!

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Are You Ready for Your Next Camping Adventure?

Going camping is one of the best activities you could do if you love to be outdoors. You can be in contact with nature, and enjoy it by yourself or with other people – it doesn’t matter because you can still have a fantastic time.

Nonetheless, to make sure your trip goes well, you have to prepare your equipment. One of the most important items you might need is a swag, and you should season it before you go outside.

Seasoning a swag is something you can do at home, and all you need is some water and a place to store it. Therefore, you should start doing it as soon as you can and make sure you’re completely ready for your next trip.

Incredible outdoor scenery awaits, but you have to be prepared and have all the items that can accompany you during your journey. Keep reading, and find out all you need to know to correctly season a swag.

Steps to Season a Swag

Seasoning your new swag (such as a new 23 Zero swag) is not very complicated, but you have to be patient and follow specific steps. It’s a very simple process, so take a look at what you must do to ensure you do it right:

Set Up Your Canvas Swag

The first thing you need to do is grab your new swag and take it out of its bag. You need to set it up on a flat surface in your backyard, but this step is not mandatory. If you don’t have an area in your yard to soak the entire swag with water, you can skip this stage and proceed to the next part.

You’re not going to sleep in your new swag, but you still need to ensure that it’s properly erected. Suppose that you have the swag and it’s in an incorrect shape – in that case, when you soak it and let it completely dry, its shape could change, and you might not want that.

Additionally, to guarantee that the seasoning process can work on the entire surface of your swag, you have to make sure it’s clean before you start. Thus, if it’s not, take care of it before you actually begin.

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Soak it with Water Using Your Garden Hose

After you make sure your swag is clean and you set it up, you need to get your garden hose. It helps you set up your camping equipment, but you need to adjust the nozzle to a “shower” or low-pressure setting, so the pressure hose does not damage your swag.

The canvas might repel the cold water at first, but that’s completely normal. Eventually, it has to absorb it. You can use a spray bottle to keep up the process until it’s drenched, but you should try to avoid using a jet spray to guarantee the water pressure does not damage it.

Additionally, you should make sure you spray all the stitching and every spot that’s difficult to reach since that’s what allows you to proceed with the next steps. If you find that getting the swag wet is too complicated, you can soak it in a bathtub overnight.

Let it Dry Completely

Now that your swag is wet, it’s time to guarantee it’s completely dry. Put your swag under direct sunlight until it’s not wet anymore, and then you can follow the next step.

However, there are some things you should keep in mind, especially if you can’t let your swag dry properly outdoors. You may not have the ideal conditions for this to happen, but that shouldn’t discourage you.

If the weather is bad, you could leave your swag dry under a cover. Nonetheless, you need to make sure it’s in a well-ventilated area. Otherwise, you risk getting mould growth, which you may want to avoid.

Repeat the Process

Once your swag is dry, you may believe that it’s enough to take it out to the great outdoors with the rest of your camping equipment. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t do that because it could ruin what you did before.

You need to repeat the process at least two more times before you get the end product. Furthermore, each time you wet your swag again, you should check the inside and see how much water is leaking. With each wetting, less water must leak, so make sure it happens that way.

On some occasions, if water still leaks through the seams, you might want to apply some seam sealer to help the process. However, you should not apply a waterproofing treatment to your swag because it would reduce your canvas’ ability to breathe, and you don’t want that.

Some people do prefer using a waterproofing spray, but it might be uncomfortable, especially during the summer. Therefore, if you prefer to guarantee you enjoy your trip to the great outdoors at all times, you might want to avoid doing that.

Pack it Away

You can pack your swag once it’s dry. Make sure you never put it away if it’s damp since mould might form inside it.

If you can, try to pack your swag away from direct sunlight to ensure it doesn’t fade, but also make sure the place you put it in is far from where insects or rodents could damage it.

In some instances, people frequently go camping. If that’s you, you might want to take your swag out from time to time and put it in your backyard, which allows you to check for mould growth and allow the product to get some air, which might be necessary to preserve its quality.

Keeping it Waterproof

The main thing you should keep in mind to guarantee your swag stays waterproof is that you can’t put it away in storage until it’s completely dry. Therefore, if you have to pack before that occurs, leave it in your backyard until it’s not wet anymore.

To ensure your swag is always waterproof, you should also take care of its cleanliness. Thus, keep an eye out for sand, vegetation, mud, or any other thing that could damage the fabric.

Sometimes, your swag might have mould even though you’ve done everything right. If that happens, you don’t need to fear – you can simply buy a specific spray to help you with that.

Generally speaking, a swag should remain waterproof for a long time. Taking care of it allows you to guarantee that it lasts for years, which is why you should follow all the steps if you don’t want to worry about it during your camping trips.

It will certainly depend on the quality of the swag. We recommend brands with a solid reputation such as Darche swags.

Keynote Takeaways

Now that you know how to season your swag, it’s time for you to get your canvas product ready for your next camping adventure. If you carefully follow all the steps, you can have a great result. Good luck, and have a great time outdoors!

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