I'm an outdoor enthusiast who's tested many camping fridges.

Recently, I tried the National Luna 60L fridge/freezer, comparing it to its predecessor, the 50-liter Weekender.

I'll share my experiences, discussing its features, performance, and even a technical issue I faced.

Whether you're an experienced camper looking for an upgrade, or a newbie gearing up for your first adventure, you'll find my review enlightening.

Let's delve into the world of the National Luna 60L fridge/freezer.

What To Know

  • The National Luna 60L fridge/freezer features German-engineered Danfoss compressors and controllers, as well as National Luna's own condenser and evaporator system.
  • It has a dual-compartment design with a 25-liter freezer bin and a 35-liter fridge bin, with independent temperature settings for each compartment.
  • The fridge has 42mm-thick insulation while the freezer has 60mm-thick insulation.
  • The fridge is more expensive compared to similar-sized units in the market, and some prefer the previous model, the National Luna 50-liter Weekender, for its better size and configuration fit.

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Understanding the Features of the National Luna 60L Fridge/Freezer

I've found the National Luna 60L fridge/freezer to be quite impressive with its German-engineered and built Danfoss compressors and controllers and the brand's own fan-assisted condenser and full wall-plate evaporator system.

The freezer compartments have a 25-liter capacity, while the fridge offers 35 liters of space. This fridge/freezer offers a unique control panel that allows independent temperature settings for each compartment.

I've noticed that the power consumption is relatively low, making it an efficient choice for those conscious about energy usage.

Overall, the National Luna 60L fridge/freezer is a remarkable appliance, offering a combination of advanced technology, practical design, and energy efficiency that puts it a cut above the rest.

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Power Consumption and Options of National Luna Fridge

It's impressive that this appliance offers a manufacturer-rated battery consumption of 34.72amp/h for a 24-hour period. The power usage of National Luna fridges is optimized for maximum efficiency, thanks to the National Luna compressor.

This table presents the details:

Battery Consumption34.72amp/h (24-hour period)
Power Source Options12/24V DC and 240V AC
Auto Mains SelectionYes
Power UsageOptimized
National Luna CompressorYes

I've found that the battery consumption is quite manageable, even for long-term usage. The ability to switch between power sources is a convenient feature. It's clear that the design focus has been on efficiency and adaptability, making these fridges a reliable choice.

The Size and Convenience Aspect of the National Luna Fridge

Given its dimensions of 535 x 750 x 425mm (H x W x D), the unit is quite tall and might require a drop-down slide for easier access. As I've explored the National Luna fridge, I'm struck by its size and convenience. Despite the generous space, it's not cumbersome. The design is thoughtful, maximizing storage without compromising accessibility.

Here are the key highlights:

  • It's one of the most compact dual zone fridges, making it ideal for those who need both a fridge and freezer on their trips.
  • The fridge features several compartments for organized storage.
  • The tall build, while providing ample storage, may pose a challenge for shorter users.

Comparing National Luna Fridge With Other Models

Comparing this model to others in the same category, I'm finding that while it's pricier, the German-engineered compressor and all-metal construction seem to justify the cost.

When comparing National Luna fridge with other models, the new National Luna compressor is a standout feature, with unmatched performance. Other brands may offer similar features, but none quite match the reliability and efficiency of National Luna products.

The previous models were indeed efficient, but the recent enhancements have taken the product to a whole new level. The high cost might be a put-off for some, but for those in search of unrivaled quality and durability, I'd say it's worth every penny.

This model's superiority is clear, making it a smart investment for those who value long-term usage.

Evaluating the National Luna Fridge: A Comprehensive Review

I've thoroughly tested this model and I'm ready to share my comprehensive assessment.

The National Lunas fridge freezer, with its dual zone feature, is quite the performer. Outfitted with Danfoss compressors, it ensures efficient cooling and longevity.

Here are some key features:

  • Dual zone: A dedicated freezer compartment for those icy essentials and a separate space for regular cooling.
  • Danfoss compressors: Known for their reliability and efficiency.
  • Design: Sleek, sturdy, and well-insulated to maintain optimal temperature.

Despite its high price point, it's a worthwhile investment, given its features and performance. I've found it to be a reliable companion for my outdoor adventures, keeping my food fresh and drinks chilled.

Shopping for National Luna Fridge: Pricing and Shipping Details

Looking at the cost and delivery options, it's clear that buying this appliance requires a bit of an investment. In my national luna fridge review, I've realized that this German engineered fridge isn't cheap. But, it's worth every penny considering its quality and durability.

Shopping for National Luna fridge online, I found the pricing and shipping details to be straightforward. You can anticipate the cost upfront, with no hidden fees. When my new fridge arrived, I was impressed by the careful packaging and timely delivery.

Though it may seem like a significant outlay initially, the long-term benefits of this high-quality, efficient appliance are undeniable. So, if you're in the market for a new fridge, I'd highly recommend considering the National Luna.

A Deep Dive Into the Specifications of the National Luna Fridge

Diving into the specifications, it's clear there's so much more to this appliance than meets the eye. The National Luna fridge comes with dual compartments and dual thermostats, providing an excellent balance of cooling and freezing.

  • It's a dual freezer, with a 25-liter freezer bin and a 35-liter fridge bin, giving me the flexibility I need to manage my food storage.
  • The fridge features two control panels for independent temperature settings, a feature I find incredibly handy.
  • The all-metal construction assures me of its durability, and the three-year warranty gives me peace of mind.

This deep dive into the specifications only enhances my positive National Luna fridge review. It's clear this fridge is a reliable and efficient appliance, perfect for my needs.

Addressing Issues and Managing Repairs of the National Luna Fridge

Despite its impressive features, there's been an issue with my fridge after three years of use, as it failed to chill below 5°C. In my National Luna fridge review, I've noticed a gradual decline in performance of the unit, not a sudden failure, but something else.

Addressing issues quickly is crucial, so I contacted National Luna's distributors. They identified the gas leak at the dryer filter. Luckily, managing repairs was easier than anticipated. Although the warranty had expired, they agreed to honor it on a case-by-case basis. After the repair, the performance of the unit was restored.

However, if replacement was necessary, I was disappointed to learn I couldn't choose an aluminum version. All in all, these fridges are reliable but can have occasional issues.

Customer Support Experience: Dealing With National Luna

I've found the customer service experience with this company to be quite satisfactory, as they were quick to respond and address my concerns. When dealing with National Luna, I was impressed by their willingness to assist and their knowledge about the products.

My national luna fridge review is based on a few key points:

  • Their understanding of previous models meaning and their functionality
  • The ability to troubleshoot problems effectively
  • Their knowledge about the impact of ambient temperatures on the fridge's performance

Overall, the customer support experience was excellent. They weren't only quick to respond but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the product. This made me feel confident in their ability to solve any issues I might encounter.

Popular Questions

Below you can see some of the common questions we get asked about this product.

What Is the Energy Efficiency Rating of the National Luna 60L Fridge/Freezer?

I'm not certain about the exact energy efficiency rating of the National Luna 60L fridge/freezer. However, it's known for its low power consumption, using about 34.72amp/h over a 24-hour period.

How Does the National Luna Fridge's Performance Compare in Extreme Weather Conditions?

I've found the National Luna fridge performs exceptionally in extreme weather conditions. Its high-quality insulation maintains desired temperatures, and its German-engineered compressor works efficiently, even in high temperatures. It's a reliable choice for challenging environments.

Is There an Option to Purchase Additional or Replacement Baskets for the National Luna Fridge?

Yes, I've found that additional or replacement baskets for the National Luna fridge can indeed be purchased. It's a great option if you're looking to organise your items more efficiently.

Are There Any Specific Maintenance Tips or Guidelines Provided by National Luna for Their Fridges?

Yes, National Luna recommends regular cleaning and inspection, keeping ventilation outlets clear, and ensuring correct power supply. They also suggest occasional professional servicing for optimal fridge performance.

Does the National Luna Fridge Have Any Specific Features That Make It Ideal for Camping or Outdoor Use?

I've found that the National Luna fridge is ideal for camping due to its dual compartment design, sturdy all-metal construction, and efficient operation in high temperatures. It's also conveniently powered by both DC and AC sources.


In conclusion, the National Luna 60L fridge/freezer is a robust, efficient, and high-performing camping fridge. It outshines its predecessor and stands tall against competitors.

Although I faced an issue, National Luna's customer support was prompt and helpful.

While it may seem pricey, the quality and performance are worth the investment for any serious outdoorsman.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone in need of a reliable camping fridge.

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