How many times have you seen someone try to set up a popup tent and get frustrated because it wouldn’t fold properly? We have all been there if we travel regularly, but don’t worry! This post will teach how to do this in three easy steps. But before we jump into that, many of you may not even know what a pop up tent is, let alone how to fold a pop up.

What Is A Popup Tent?

A popup tent is a small, light weight tent that is easily portable. They are normally used by festival goers and campers. Popup tents have become very popular in recent years. They are very easy to put up and can be assembled in less than a few minutes. The usually have two poles, slide rings, a normal door and a common shape. Don’t be confused with a roof top tent, they are completely different.

Popup tents come in various sizes, shapes and colors. The main advantage of these type of tents is that they are space saving when packing away or storing the tent for future use because they fold into small compact size which makes them easier to store and transport. There are many brands including Coleman and The North Face, & Darche. which are very popular because of their quality.

They should be stored in dry place that free from dust and humidity to avoid the risk of mold growth inside the fabric, but more on that further down.

They are a great option for both individual or family outdoor hiking, back packing or to camp.

Do pop up tents work?

Yes, pop up tents work well and are easy to set up. They come in different sizes for all types of users from single hikers to large families with kids. Popup tents can be used as temporary shelter while outdoors or at music festivals where there are no pre-made shelters provided by the organizers. You’ll still have the option to secure the tent on the ground, but it will depend on what tent you purchase.

They are perfect when you need a shelter for a short period of time because they are easy to set up and start using immediately. However, if you wish to use the tent for an extended period or while living in one place then other types might be more suitable, such as dome tents that offer much better stability compared with a popup which can move around easily when windy conditions occur.

Do Popup Tents Come In Different Sizes?

Yes, pop up tents come in different sizes. They are available for single hikers or to large families that need more space inside the tent. The size of popup tents normally depends on how many people you intend to accommodate and how long do you plan to use it.

Popup tents can be used by small groups, ie two to three people,. If the head room is enough for taller users then this might be ok but if space is an issue and you need something lightweight, there are models with larger dimensions available on the market that can accommodate more people at once. They also come in different weights, but obviously the weight is proportional to the size of the tent.

Do Popup Tents Come With A Carry Bag?

Yes, a pop up tent comes with a carry bag or accompanying tent bag that are normally not attached to the tent. Bags come in various sizes and are usually made of durable material with zipper closure for easy storage after use.

Pop up tents can be folded into s small size so you can back pack or for packing away, but how you store them will determine how long they last before needing replacement, so it is advisable to put them inside a bag when storing. The most important factor is how clean and dry the tent is, and also to fold correctly before packing into the bag. You also don’t want to have any trapped air in the folded tent. Folding the tent correctly is really important.

Are pop up tents sturdy?

Popup tents are sturdy when properly set up and made from good quality materials. They come in different sizes to suit all types of users ranging from kids to adults, single hikers or large families with many members. Pop-up tents normally have a thin fiberglass pole structure that needs to be inserted into the tent fabric for stability. If you buy the right brand and the tent is made from good quality materials then it should be sturdy enough.

How long do pop up tents last?

Popup tents are made from high quality materials that can last for years. However, how long they will actually depend on how you use the tent and how well it’s taken care of after each use. If properly packed away then a pop up tent can easily survive over many camping seasons with proper maintenance to keep the fabric in good condition.

Is A Popup Beach Tent Different?

A pop up beach tent is normally larger and more sturdy compared to pop-up tents. A beach tent is normally made from heavier materials to be more resistant against strong winds and harsh weather conditions. The best popup beach tents have a frame that needs to be inserted into the fabric for stability, they come in various sizes according to how many people you need them for.

How Do You Clean A Tent Before Storage?

Before putting away a tent for storage it must be cleaned and dried to ensure there is no mold or moisture inside the fabric. It’s best if you can put your tent in direct sunlight so that it dries faster, this should take around half an hour depending how wet the inside of the tent got from heavy rain.

Make sure that no water remains inside the fabric and the seams of your popup camping tent.

Storage Of A Pop-Up Tent?

A pop up tent should ideally be stored in dry place that is free from humidity and dust, this will avoid mold growing on the inner surface of your camping shelter which can lead to health problems like respiratory issues or skin irritations when exposed for extended periods.

No you know the ins and outs of a pop up tent, not it’s time to know how to fold up the tent for storage. Below are our 3 steps. You can also watch the video below.

How To Fold Up A Pop Up Tent

Pop up tents are normally easy to fold back down into the bag, however the process is not always simple. The following is a 3 step guide on how to begin folding a pop up tent.

Step 1:

The first step is to lay the pop-up tent flat on the ground (grass or dirt) with two of its legs in front of you. It’s easiest if the tent opening facing you. Having the front door (entrance)facing you will make it easier to start the fold process once you grab the tent to start the fold.

Step 2:

Next, pull out one side of the center poles of the tent until they are straight up in the air with one hand, then lift that end over your head and onto your other shoulder.

Step 3:

Finally, grab both ends of that same pole and fold (twist) them back down into place. Repeat these steps for each leg to finish folding up your pop-up tent!

Also, check out the video below for visual instruction on how to fold your tent.

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